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Welcome to ProAct

"ProAct is a Tool for Action-Oriented Process Mining: Turning Events to Actions"

Action-oriented process mining focuses on generating necessary management actions that enhance business processes' performance. These actions are derived by analyzing event data through process mining techniques. ProAct is a tool that supports action-oriented process mining.

ProAct is comprised of three main components:

  • ProAct: Monitoring Engine - This part of ProAct works by creating constraint instances from user-provided event logs and constraint graphs.

  • ProAct: Action Engine - This engine processes the constraint instances along with user-designed action graphs to generate action instances.

  • ProAct: Impact Analysis - Finally, this component uses action instances and event logs supplied by the user to calculate the impact of the action instance.

With ProAct, you can effectively utilize action-oriented process mining to improve your business processes. Each component of the tool plays a critical role in the analysis process, ultimately providing you with data-driven actions to enhance your business performance.